You focus on your business, We focus on your technology


We are changing the way people work. By providing end-to-end industry relevant IT solutions on the activities, tasks and processes to optimize day-to-day business operations, we help enterprises operationalize and be more scalable than ever before.

With strong presence in Bekasi for 2 years and a proven track record in IT Service Solutions, IT One provides best-in-industry and best practiced solutions to help modern enterprises cover a full suite of IT solutions (from planning to execution) in all service domains to drive maximum business value.

As a Leading Digital Services Company in Bekasi, IT One aims to bring new and innovative Digital solutions to define, structure and streamline the delivery of IT services for all modern enterprises. We strive to be a frontier in rapidly creating new and innovative digital service solutions, deliver these solutions at record pace, and more importantly – manage the services.

Over the years, IT One has partnered and delivered tailored IT service solutions to many enterprises to meet the dynamic needs of growing businesses in and around Thailand. This ensures enterprises are positioned for success from the start and to achieve the highest level of IT services in quality, delivery, and performance.


With Managed Services from IT Management Solutions, you get:

  • 24/7 monitoring – get peace of mind knowing your systems are safe
  • Proactive maintenance – we pinpoint and fix problems before they create downtime
  • Remote & overnight services – so you experience fewer disruptions to your business
  • All-inclusive IT – for predictable budgeting with flat-rate IT services that include hardware and software

The world’s leading open source platform not only delivers the features a modern enterprise demands, it offers a well-mapped migration path and full support for every step of the transition. So when you’re ready to free yourself from expensive proprietary software, We helps you adapt to the change, enhance IT performance, and increase business agility—all at a greatly reduced cost.

Why switch?:

  • Get reliability and performance at a lower cost
  • Quickly meet business demands
  • Run the workloads that propel your business forward

We offering website solutions like website designing,e-commerce web design, website redesign,website maintenance.A high-quality website should have all ingredients such as engaging design,unique content,visually appealing images,formatting text for readability.We guarantee you these things in your website.

With Managed Services from IT Management Solutions, you get:

  • WordPress Website– Our wordpress web design experts help you to choose best website themes and plugins for your business needs as well.
  • E-Commerce Website – our creative web designers can subconsciously influence your customer to buy,through a web design.Get a e-commerce solution from us,Keep your customer cart full.
  • Website Re-Designs – We make changes in your website,which make impactful change in your business.Because of old design,you may one step away from your success.
  • Website Maintenance – Most of the business websites need updation consistendly to retain customers,we upgrade content,colour and web pages etc.

Open source technologies are transforming the way software applications are developed and deployed. We has been helping enterprises adopt open source technologies to achieve their strategic IT goals. With our open source solutions, we enable enterprises to minimize the cost of application development. Further, our open source services help enterprises improve productivity, performance and maximize efficiency.

Why Choose Us:

  • Cost Advantage– By making use of open source technologies, we pass on the cost advantage to our clients.
  • Lower Maintenance – The open source tools we utilize are license free and the cost of scaling up is minimal, as it does not require additional licenses.
  • Better Control – Open source technologies allow our clients to have better control of the application developed.
  • Security & Quality – We make sure that we utilize open source technologies that are highly secure.